Story Behind the Celebration Of  Ganesh Chaturdi

One day when a disciple of Lord Ganesha  offered him sweets,  Ganesha  accepted  the  treats  and spent  the  rest  of  the  day hoarding  them. That  night, when  it  was  time  to go home, he carried  all the  sweets along,  but  when  he  tripped  on  a stone  and  skipped  away, all the  sweets  scattered onto  the  ground. As he  picked  up  the  sweets  in  embarrassment, Lord  Ganesha  saw  that  the  Moon  laughing  at  him.

Lord  Ganesha  angrily  cursed  the  moon  for  laughing, and  for being  full of  pride to him. The Moon quickly rushed to apologize. But lord ganesha out  of anger said  that from that day forward, the moon would no longer be full all the time, but  would  disappear  and  slowly  reappear  over  15 days  time.

Lord Ganesha  also said  that since the moon had made fun of him on  Chaturthi , so  anyone who watches   at  the  moon  on  that  date  would  face  troubles  &  false  accusations. To  avoid  this  curse for anyone  who  accidentally  glances  at  the  moon  on  Ganesh  Charturthi, he or she must  listen to the  story  of  the  Syamantaka Mani,  as listed in puranas.

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